12 July 2010

Darkness falls

Darkness falls upon us, in more than one way.

This time, minutes before a sudden, and fortunately short, rain shower. Fortunately because I was having lunch without any umbrella at hand. It rained, finally. I cannot remember when was the last time. And it has been good on the temperature too.

Anyway, the news is that a tropical storm is getting closer. More or less, the first one this year. It is not a typhoon yet and it is supposed to go to the Philippines. But you cannot trust these beasts, you never know how large they will become or where they will end up landing.

11 July 2010


In one of the several building (or demolishing) zones near ASMAB in the Taida campus.

28 April 2010

Two Years

Hello everyone, or anybody that can read this. Long time no see, isn't it? Well, routine gets into my life.

But today I have a reason to remember: two years since I landed for the first time in Taiwan. Time runs pretty fast, it seems to me. Well, it will get worse probably.

Hope to see you soon.

31 December 2009

End of the year

As it was written on the beginning of that famous Dickens book: It was the best of times, it was the worst of times..., this year was like that. Well, maybe not to exaggerate, but it has been a year of really high ups and some low downs. Nonetheless, after spending two weeks already in Barcelona, I am seeing things in a different way. More optimistical, with a different perspective and appreciating the good things that were, are and will be.

Such as warming up to the smile of two little candles that are just beginning to walk into this world, or to enjoy the conversation with an old friend around some coffee cups

Happy New Year and see you soon!

27 November 2009


Lots of scooters, in their parking lots. Forests of handlebars and mirrors. All over Taipei.

Press the button

To stop the bus in the next bus stop.

In Chinese, of course

19 November 2009


Martian facilities in Taipei?

No, just some big balls where kids can exercise their climbing skills. The first impression I had, though, was very weird.

14 November 2009

Visit to Beijing

I am late. Again. It looks like I am losing some good habits. But, as I promised a few weeks, or months, ago, something about my visit to Beijing in mid-September.

It was a trip purely for pleasure, of course. I took a direct flight from Taipei to Beijing, now that it is possible. It might be a little bit more expensive than flying through Macao or Hong Kong, but you get there in only three hours. If the trip is only for three days, as in my case, it is an important factor in the decision.

I arrived to the new Terminal 3, another monster in the middle of nowhere —some megalomaniac countries have this obsession—, finished for the olympic games. I was picked up there and we headed back to Taipei in a taxi. My first impression of Beijing were concrete towers and freeways everywhere under a grey sky. Fortunately, I had my own Sun next to me, so to speak.

After lunch,

and experiencing my first bus trip —with one guy collecting money inside if you did not have the magnetic car, a curious mix of old and new times— we went to the Summer Palace.

It was the summer residence of the emperors, where they escaped from the royal court. Now, it is a very large and beautiful public park.

With the old buildings in a reasonable good state, even if there are signs of old destructions in some of them, and with magnificent forests and lakes.

A very nice place that we peacefully toured as the afternoon was slowly dying away. After so much time in Taipei, the temperature difference was almost shocking.

On our return to the city, with a mix-up of bus stops included, I had a first experience of the huge amount of people on the streets, and the accompanying chaos, and a very pleasant night taxi trip back home looking at the very modern-looking buildings along the way. A promising first day.

(There will be more)